Tampa Brew Tours

The Unique Drinking Experience


Tampa Brew Tours is dedicated to providing a unique craft beer experience in the Tampa Bay area.  Our brewery tours provide our guests with a taste of Florida's burgeoning craft beer market in a luxurious, fun, and safe way:  a stretch limousine.  

Tampa Bay is Craft Beer Country

It seems as if the Tampa Bay area (including Bradenton and Sarasota) should now be considered one of the best locales in the southeast for craft beer.  Where else can you combine the best beaches and sunshine all year round with some of the most amazing craft beer east of the Mississippi River?  There doesn't seem to be anything stopping the craft beer craze in this place that we call home.  

We at Bayshore Limo's Tampa Brew Tours are excited at the notion of not only performing valuable "research and development" (i.e. drinking/tasting/testing the various brews at new breweries), but also for the wide variety of craft beers.  With over 20 (count them:  twenty!) breweries within a 45 minute drive of South Tampa, it gives our area a certain panache within the craft beer community across the country.  Gone are the days of Florida being a state for just kids (read: Disney) and retirees.  We, at least here in the Tampa Bay area, can proudly say that our home is now in the heart of Craft Beer Country.  [Cue the fireworks!]

Would Kenny Powers enjoy our "Craft Beer Country?"

Would Kenny Powers enjoy our "Craft Beer Country?"

Sorry, wrong fireworks show.

Tampa Brew Tours R&D team enjoying one of the many fine brews at Pair O' Dice Brewing.

Tampa Brew Tours R&D team enjoying one of the many fine brews at Pair O' Dice Brewing.

It feels like there is a new craft brewery opening up every month!  These breweries, including Pair O' Dice (now open), Six Ten Brewing (coming soon), Angry Chair Brewing (coming soon), Coppertail Brewing Co. (coming soon), St. Pete Brewery (coming soon), Motorworks Brewing (now open in Bradenton), and Darwin Brewing Company (coming soon to Bradenton), are giving what the people have been clamoring for:  Damn.  Good.  Beer.  

Kenny Powers would probably agree.  Maybe.  [Legal Department said we can't use the term "definitely"].