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Tampa Brew Tours is dedicated to providing a unique craft beer experience in the Tampa Bay area.  Our brewery tours provide our guests with a taste of Florida's burgeoning craft beer market in a luxurious, fun, and safe way:  a stretch limousine.  

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Autumn Beer Selections

Now that summer has officially passed, despite it still being 90 degrees here in Tampa, breweries have begun to release their autumn beer selections.  If you're a fan of pumpkin, cinnamon, or any other ingredient that reminds you of hay rides and cool weather, then the following breweries have something special for you.  Here is a roundup of our favorite breweries that have served or will be serving some fantastic autumn inspired beers:

Six Ten Brewing

Six Ten introduced their "Six Ten Pumpkin" a few weeks ago and our beer tourists thoroughly enjoyed this offering.  Like all of Six Ten's beers, they have a balanced approach to their pumpkin beer.  You can get your glass rim dipped in a seasonal sweet/spicy "dressing" to add additional flavor.  

Six Ten Pumpkin

Six Ten Pumpkin

Three Palms Brewing

Three Palms, located in east Tampa, introduced their "Palmkin Pumpkin Ale" a few weeks ago and it was an immediate hit.  Heck, they even put it on Nitro and it was consumed quickly.  Their "Palmkin Pumpkin Ale" was brewed with "pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices."  For those who aren't into the pumpkin-inspired beers, Three Palms also had a "Caramel Apple Wee Heavy" for limited release.  Either way, they'll be gone quickly.  

Three Palms Palmkin Pumpkin Ale

Three Palms Palmkin Pumpkin Ale

Three Palms Caramel Wee Heavy

Three Palms Caramel Wee Heavy

Of course, with over 25 breweries in the Tampa Bay area, we can't list all of the autumn inspired beers available, so we encourage you, the craft beer drinker, to explore the many breweries in our area and try some great seasonal selections.  You can do so in a safe and luxurious manner with on one of our Tampa Brew Tours powered by Bayshore Limo.


Updates in the World of Craft Beer (and Tampa Brew Tours)

Holy crap, it's been a while since we last posted anything on our blog.  Here is a rundown what is happening in the craft beer world:

1.  Growler-gate - although a growler bill was scheduled to be passed this legislative session and we'd finally have 64 oz. growlers.  Unfortunately, the beer distributors wanted to get their share and decided to hijack the bill to include growth-busting amendments.  Although the bill passed the Florida Senate, there have been rumblings from Tallahassee that the bill won't pass in the Florida House.

2.  Our Brewery Showcase Series - it started off well with Southern Brewing & Winemaking's post, but has slowed a bit.  We're still hoping our Bay area breweries will send in their side of the story in the next few months.    

3.  Our Service - we have pretty much fine-tuned our limousine guided microbrewery tour service to include the following:

  • 4 hours of limousine service
  • Pickup and drop off at your home, office, or hotel.  
  • A pint of beer on us for every member of your party at each brewery that we visit.  

4.  Take a peek at our gallery page to see how much fun folks have on our Tampa Brew Tour.  

February is Coming! (a/k/a Free Craft Beer Month)

We'll be the first to admit, it is not as sinister as the "Winter is Coming" theme from HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones," but the entire month of February might as well be devoted to beer drinking considering it has the word "brew" in it (phonetically, that is).  So, to honor this glorious month of beer (totally made up), we at Bayshore Limo's Tampa Brew Tours decided to give you, the discerning beer drinkers of the world, the one deal you can't pass up:  Free Craft Beer!   

It hasn't even touched our lips but it already sounds fantastic!  So how does it work? Just follow these simple steps to achieve craft beer nirvana:

1.  Get between 5 to 7 of your friends or family.  

2.  Book a full-price 6, 7, or 8 passenger limousine-guided Tampa Brew Tour during the month of February.  Choose from the many micro breweries in our area (we can suggest a few good ones if you need help). 

3.  During your Tampa Brew Tour, we will buy you and your party a round of the area's finest craft beers at every stop.  Want a pint of an IPA or Porter Stout?  It's on us.  Want a flight of craft beers?  It's on us.  

4.  As long as you make the reservation during the month of February, the deal is valid throughout 2014.  Reserve from February 1, 2014, through February 28, 2014, and you can take your Tampa Brew Tour through the end of the year (subject to our schedule, of course).  

"Engage the Free Craft Beer Deal"

"Engage the Free Craft Beer Deal"

So, what are you waiting for?  This is your one opportunity to sample some of our area's finest brews for free.  Plus, we'll be your DC (designated chauffeur), so you won't have to worry about driving.  Give us a call before February is history.  

Tampa Bay is Craft Beer Country

It seems as if the Tampa Bay area (including Bradenton and Sarasota) should now be considered one of the best locales in the southeast for craft beer.  Where else can you combine the best beaches and sunshine all year round with some of the most amazing craft beer east of the Mississippi River?  There doesn't seem to be anything stopping the craft beer craze in this place that we call home.  

We at Bayshore Limo's Tampa Brew Tours are excited at the notion of not only performing valuable "research and development" (i.e. drinking/tasting/testing the various brews at new breweries), but also for the wide variety of craft beers.  With over 20 (count them:  twenty!) breweries within a 45 minute drive of South Tampa, it gives our area a certain panache within the craft beer community across the country.  Gone are the days of Florida being a state for just kids (read: Disney) and retirees.  We, at least here in the Tampa Bay area, can proudly say that our home is now in the heart of Craft Beer Country.  [Cue the fireworks!]

Would Kenny Powers enjoy our "Craft Beer Country?"

Would Kenny Powers enjoy our "Craft Beer Country?"

Sorry, wrong fireworks show.

Tampa Brew Tours R&D team enjoying one of the many fine brews at Pair O' Dice Brewing.

Tampa Brew Tours R&D team enjoying one of the many fine brews at Pair O' Dice Brewing.

It feels like there is a new craft brewery opening up every month!  These breweries, including Pair O' Dice (now open), Six Ten Brewing (coming soon), Angry Chair Brewing (coming soon), Coppertail Brewing Co. (coming soon), St. Pete Brewery (coming soon), Motorworks Brewing (now open in Bradenton), and Darwin Brewing Company (coming soon to Bradenton), are giving what the people have been clamoring for:  Damn.  Good.  Beer.  

Kenny Powers would probably agree.  Maybe.  [Legal Department said we can't use the term "definitely"].

Recent Tampa Brew Tour Pictures

Here are some great pictures from our most recent Tampa Brew Tours.  We visited some of our area's top micro breweries like Rapp Brewing Company, Three Palms Brewing, 7venth Sun Brewing, Barley Mow Brewing Company, and Southern Brewing & Winemaking.  Tourists and locals alike enjoy drinking like a local...so can you.  Feel free to give us a call for inquiries.